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Do you want to buy proxies? A Proxy Server (or Proxy) is a computer program, software, or website that when activated will allow you to connect to the port of the serving computer. This is beneficial because when you are connected to the Proxy, your IP (as well as your other personal information) is hidden. For example, say you are visiting a site that tracks its visitors with cookies, installs spyware on your computer, or worse is a haven for hackers.

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If you access this website directly with your computer, unscrupulous people can wreak havoc on your pc and have a field day with your personal information. They can install programs that you never intended to download, track your IP address, spy on your surfing habits (and begin to bombard you with junk email, solicitations, and all forms of nasty spam), and even monitor your computer activities to better target you with their schemes. A Proxy can spare you from this. Once you are connected to the Proxy, your IP address is hidden. This is called "anonymous surfing" and by surfing in this manner, you can rest assured that all of your information, surfing habits, and IP address are untraceable.

Using a proxy server to surf online safely is very simple and one can avail its benefits in a convenient way. For a novice user it is much easier to understand how to use a proxy. Proxies are very essential as they help in searching the online sites safely. One can easily protect the personal information by using a proxy. Proxies are used to hide your IP address, operating system, personal information etc. When you visit any of the online sites, it is seen that all the traffic is surfacing from the proxy server and your computer's identity and location remains hidden. Therefore, before visiting any of the online sites it is essential that you know how to use a proxy.

The process of using aproxy is easy and convenient. Neither you have to install any software nor have you to download anything. Make some configurations to your browser and you all set to use the proxy configured. Next, all you have to do is type the URL addresses of any web proxy site in your browser. After you typed the address, the connections will be redirected via the proxy thus revealing that all the transfer is coming from the proxy server as filtering firewall traces only the proxy server. You can easily download any music, or you can play games or even download them, you can do chatting, share videos and much more as you know how to use a proxy.

Here are 5 types of proxies and their functions.

  1. Web Proxy - A web proxy focuses on traffic over the World Wide Web. Many times these proxies are used by schools, countries, or corporations to block offensive web content, or to simply control their clients access to the internet.
  2. Anonymous Proxy - Anonymous proxies are used to remove identifying information from a client request. An example of this would be a proxy that allows you access to Myspace while you are at work.
  3. Caching Proxy - Caching proxies can send the client their request without contacting the remote server. It does this by using information that has been sent to the remote server before. This can cut down on time for requests sent.
  4. Forced Proxy - A forced proxy server handles all of the requests from the client to the internet. Hence the name forced. Many times the client will not even know they are using a proxy.
  5. Open Proxy - An open proxy is a proxy that allows anybody to connect to and use. Open proxies can also be exploited and misused by spammers. For this reason some websites will not allow traffic to their servers from known open proxies.

As you can see proxies have many benefits and can be used in various different ways. The best way to become familiar with proxies is to try them yourself so you may have a better understanding of what they do and how they work.

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